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3 Automation Tools Real Estate Agents Need To Succeed In 2022

Angela RosalesMarch 11, 2022

For real estate agents to succeed today, automated tools are needed. Considering that generating leads is more of an art than a science, real estate agents may quickly get burned out due to the time-consuming nature of the task.

Aside from cold calling, flyer drops, knocking on each lead's door, and depending on referrals, there is now a simple way for obtaining leads and automating the process.

Here are the top 3 automation tools real estate agents need to succeed in 2022.

Real Estate Automation Tool #1 Social Media

Real Estate Automation Tool #1 Social Media

Social Media is an important tool for your business. In terms of Real Estate, the majority of your target market is on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

This is why, if you want to stand out among your competitors and grab the attention of your target market, you must first understand the social media platform that your business will use.

For example, one of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook, and top marketers understand the true power of Facebook advertising to generate more leads. Marketers don't limit themselves to simply creating a post and promoting it on the website. They never used the page to promote; instead, they use Facebook's Ads Manager, which is accessible through Facebook's Business Manager.

This tool will allow you to optimize your advertising campaign for a variety of objectives, including brand awareness, engagement, and lead conversions. You should thoroughly consider your strategy before you begin optimizing because if your chosen strategy fails, you will just be wasting your money on advertisements. In fact, while Facebook advertising isn't totally automated, if done correctly, it can help you create leads on autopilot!

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Real Estate Automation Tool #2 Zapier

Real Estate Automation Tool #2 Zapier

As a real estate agent, automation tools make your life easier and help your business function more smoothly than the traditional technique of generating leads.

Real estate agents can utilize Zapier, an automation tool, to connect several software applications they already use, such as Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Google Suite, Microsoft Apps, and other productivity tools.

One of the automated features we provide for real estate agents that became Konnect Marketing's partner is the ability to gather and nurture leads.

If you're a real estate agent searching for a way to automate more of your lead generation and follow-ups, Konnected CRM as a real estate automation tool is a must-have.

Real estate agents who use Konnected CRM as an automation tool and part of their marketing strategy save hours, close more leads and enjoy the platform.

As the real estate industry is constantly changing, real estate agents who want to grow their business must stay on top of digital changes. Konnected CRM and other real estate automation tools ensure that your business is fully engaged, both internally and externally, across all platforms, and you are quickly followed with relevant content.

Real Estate Automation Tool #3 Konnected CRM

Real Estate Automation Tool #3 Konnected CRM

To run their business online efficiently, real estate agents need automation CRM software like Konnected CRM to capture and nurture their leads for the long term.

People rarely sign a request right after completing a lead capture form; they usually need more information to figure out how you can assist them. It is your obligation as a real estate agent to assist them in becoming familiarized with your services. However, reaching out to all of your potential leads on your own, on the other hand, is a time-consuming task.

This is why automation software like Konnected CRM was built to assist you. From lead creation to scheduling appointments and closing a deal, it assists you in safely storing your leads database.

Konnected CRM is an automation software tool that connects you to your leads across several channels and allows you to manage them all in one place, making your job easier. Facebook, Google, Text, Email, and the Chat Widget are examples of channels. All of the tools you'll need to nurture your leads and close sales are included in Konnected. Even on autopilot, you can easily receive, answer, and send messages to your leads.

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Real estate agents must effectively market their services, develop a strong brand, and generate high-quality leads in today's competitive real estate market. This means investing in automation software tools to help you run your business more efficiently and maximize the value of every prospective lead.

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