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How to Rank Your Website in Google Search - 6 Easy Ways

Tom CaraccioNovember 24, 2021
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If you are the owner of a business, your website is one of your most valuable assets

You can use it to generate leads and increase revenue. But how do you know if it's working? If people aren't converting on your site, then there is no point in spending time trying to rank for keywords that don't bring in more traffic. 

In this article, I will show you 6 easy ways to rank your website higher on Google search engine results page (SERP).

1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

tips on how to rank your website in Google

Once you've created a website, there are a few factors that affect how it ranks on Google. First and foremost, no matter what, your site should load quickly and be engaging, as this affects the bounce rate and exit rate of your website.

If a user exits from your website, because it takes forever to load (in digital space, forever means 5 seconds!!), then there's no point of having an SEO strategy. The same goes with your web design as well - theme colors are too contrasting, images overlapping the text, texts too small, not mobile friendly, etc.

To achieve this goal, you may want to consider some of the following:

  1. Reduce site complexity and improve user experience.
  2. Use less JavaScript (JavaScript is considered to be slow loading).
  3. Add more images.
  4. Keep it simple. Sometimes, Less is More.
  5. Implement website CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

2. Research Keywords and Phrases Relevant to Your Business

Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
The second step to rank your website on Google is to do a keyword research. This is important for your on-site SEO.

What are keywords? Keywords are specific words or phrases that you should use throughout your website copy, including the title of your page, meta description, the headings and subheadings, images, video clips, etc. Basically, they need to be included throughout the text so that search engines can find the words and present the information in its relevance to a user's query. 

You can send your list of keywords to your website developer and have them add it to your webpages.
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

Some tools for keyword research include:

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Moz's Keyword Tool
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • answerthepublic.com
  • Google related searches

3. Register with Google Webmaster Tools

Next, you will need to integrate your website with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Search Console is an important tool that will allow you to monitor your website's health and index your site with Google. After verifying the website, select which pages of your site are indexed in Google search (i.e., visible on the web). Next, you need to verify if there are any crawl errors on your website. A few examples of crawl errors are 404 pages, redirects issues, infinite loops and URL parameters that are not found in the HTML code or sitemap file.
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

Search Console also allows you to track what keywords are bringing clients to the website while Google Analytics will help you determine how many people are visiting your site.

Finally, use Google Analytics to track the most popular pages on your website and monitor which ones have a high bounce rate (i.e., number of visitors who come to a page then leave without engaging further). Use this information to improve the content that is relevant for users' needs so that they will have a reason to stay on the site.

4. Use Social Media To Promote Your Site

Promoting your site on social media can be a great way to get more people to visit your website. This means that when people search for related terms through Google, they'll find you in the results.
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

One of the most important things you can do when using social media to promote your site is to create several different social media accounts that are optimized for each platform. It's also important to post content regularly so people will find it when they search for related terms.

There are some easy ways to share your website on your social media:

  1. Create a blog post
  2. Share it on social media
  3. Add a link to the bottom of the post to your own social content

5. Build Backlinks To Increase Number Of Sites Linking To You

To build backlinks, there are many different things you can do. Two of the most common ways are through directory submission and by article marketing. Directory submissions are typically easier to get accepted but you'll have to spend some time doing it.
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

The best directory sites are True Local, Yellow Pages, and Aussie Web because they're well respected in Google's eyes. You might also consider submitting to high-quality directories that include your product or service if they're relevant enough to what you're offering.

If you use article marketing, the goal is to create articles on your website that rank for keywords related to your niche. Just make sure when building backlinks through article marketing that you don't sell anything in the body of the article unless it's relevant to your products or services.

6. Monitor Analytics Data

You should monitor your analytics data on your website because it will show you how people are interacting with your site. You can then use that data to help improve your website and make it more user-friendly.
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

In order to monitor your analytics data, you should set up an account with Google Analytics and put the code on your site. You can get this code from the Google Webmaster Tools page. Once you have installed the analytics code on your site, you will be able to see how people are coming to your site and what they're doing once they get there.

Google Analytics provides different types of information that you might find helpful in improving your website. You will be able to see where all of the visitors are coming from (e.g. search engine, social media site, or referral link). You can also find out how long they stayed on your website and what pages they visited while there (e.g., if people visit the product page but do not buy anything you should consider making changes to that page).

You'll be able to see which keywords brought you visitors and how they found your site (e.g., if you sell products and people are finding you through a search engine, make sure those keywords/phrases are in the title of your website). Additionally, Google will tell you what countries visitors came from as well as their cities.

The best way to rank a website in Google is by following the steps outlined in this article. They're all easy ways so you have no excuse not to start implementing them today!

Conclusion: When done correctly, these 6 easy ways to rank your website in google search engine can help drive more traffic and revenue. The sooner you implement one of two a combination of the tips from this article, the closer you will be to ranking higher on Google SERP. Then you won't have to worry about people not finding your site because it's too low down below all those other websites that are taking up space at the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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