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LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for professionals

LinkedIn has been a tough competitor to other social media sites in the past, but it’s now transitioning from just a recruitment site to a huge social media platform for business professionals.

Here are some facts for LinkedIn Advertising and Marketing:

  • LinkedIn has over 740 million users, with 12M+ Australian users
  • 37 percent  are between 30 and 49 years old.
  • There are more than 55 million companies listed on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn is the second-most popular social media platform among B2B marketers.

The power of LinkedIn ads is unparalleled--you can target firm industry, size of the company and much more. This means that these advertising channels have the potential to deliver jaw-dropping returns on investment (ROAS).

Businesses are now increasingly using LinkedIn ads to reach prospects in their industry with highly targeted messages. LinkedIn ads are a rare opportunity to reach highly targeted and eager professionals.

Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

Work With the best LinkedIn Advertising Agency

LinkedIn advertising is not like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube; it's an entirely different social media platform. The audience on this platform means business and you need to know how they think if you want your marketing efforts to produce results! You'll need targeted messaging with a sharp copy to turn LinkedIn Ads into a lead generation machine.

That's exactly what we do. We have the skills and resources to match your needs for LinkedIn advertising. We have more than 10 years of experience in online advertisement campaigns, so our team knows what works.

Our LinkedIn advertising agency can provide you with cost-effective solutions that are customized for your needs. Talk to our experts to know what we can do for your business and how your business can benefit from LinkedIn advertising.

Strengthen your credibility and trust with Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals in the digital world. It is the most trusted social network among social media users.  More than 50% of buyers list LinkedIn as the most influential channel during their research process. Professionals in this social platform have 2x more purchasing power than any average social media user. LinkedIn offers many benefits such as increased networking opportunities within companies.

We know that every company has different marketing needs, so our team of experts at our LinkedIn Advertising Agency uses an evidence-based approach to ensure your campaigns are targeting you specifically. We use who they are and what end goal they have in mind for marketing on LinkedIn which means each campaign is tailored just right!
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use linkedin for business marketing?

LinkedIn advertising can be great for your business. As a company, you can create targeted advertisements that show up in certain feeds and get more views than other social media sites. LinkedIn also provides data such as the number of people who have viewed the ad, so you know how well it is performing. You can also target specific locations or groups to keep your marketing efforts tailored to the needs of your target audience.

How will your linkedin advertising agency help my business?

A LinkedIn advertising agency can help businesses as yours grow. LinkedIn offers a wide range of advertising opportunities, but what you need is someone who knows how to "sell" on LinkedIn. This is exactly what our experts at the advertising agency are here for.  We can help your company promote itself to new heights, gain the attention it deserves and create a strong online presence.

How can i get started with linkedin ads?

There are many benefits to using LinkedIn for advertising. The site has many categories of people, all of which are potential customers for your business. You can also target specific locations or groups to keep your efforts targeted at the needs of the people you want to reach.

For example, if you own a restaurant and want to reach new customers in the area, you could place your ads on LinkedIn and only target people who live in that location.

Is linkedin advertising effective?

LinkedIn advertising is effective because it reaches a very specific audience. It's not just random people scrolling through their feed, but professionals means business, which means they are more likely to be interested in your services or products than just scrolling for entertainment. 

Linkedin advertising can help you reach potential customers who are either looking for the product/service you have to offer or are struggling with problems that your business can solve.

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