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Social Media Management in Wollongong

Social media is a great tool for marketing in Wollongong, but it can be very time consuming to set up and manage different accounts.

It's not just about posting content anymore. You need to schedule posts, respond to comments, and measure the effectiveness of all your efforts. This takes time that you don't have because you're already busy running your business!

Our social media experts will take care of everything for you so that you can focus on growing your business! Our social media management services in Wollongong will help make sure that every post gets seen by as many eyes as possible without taking too much time away from what really matters - building relationships with real people!

Increase your revenue with the best Social Media Management Wollongong company today with packages as low as $200/month + GST.

Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
What is Digital Marketing

Connect More With Social Media

Social media has become an essential tool for Wollongong businesses in today's world. 

In fact 52% of Australians say they have been able to interact with brands more since local businesses have entered the social media platforms.

Social Media Management Wollongong offers businesses the opportunity for growth by staying up-to-date on trends that will reach their customers faster without ever wasting your valuable time and efforts.  See our list of services below on what we can offer for Wollongong based companies.

Social Media Management Services for Wollongong

Account Management

Social media in Wollongong has become a focal point in our daily lives and can be a real pain to manage. Our social media experts can give comprehensive solutions so no matter where your customers are online - they can always reach you.

Content Planner

If you're looking for a social media management agency in Wollongong that will develop and design content targeted towards your business, then look no further! Our team is skilled in developing engaging posts with authenticity of voice.

Post Scheduling

Social media management in Wollongong is all about publishing content regularly and having a schedule that doesn't let you miss any of it. Our Wollongong social media managers make sure the days/times best suited for publishing posts are happening right now!

Social Media Strategy

With our expertise in Social Media Management, we help Wollongong businesses find their voice and position on social media. We analyze the industry trends so you don’t have to spend time guessing what works best for your business!

User Engagement

We make sure that every customer engagement on social media is responded to with courteousness. When you want your customers' trust, it's important they receive courteous responses from each enquiry.

Social Media Ads

Social ads are a great way to connect with your customers in Wollongong on an emotional level. We work closely with you to get you what's needed for ad campaigns from our marketing specialists.

Konnect Marketing Social Media Strategy Roadmap

Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

Social Media Package for Wollongong

Don't miss out on your social media marketing. Get started with our basic package.

The package includes:
1 Social Profile
10 posts per month
Account Management
Scheduling & Publishing of posts
Monthly Report
Packages from $200 + GST
per month / no contract
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Not sure on what you're looking for? Talk to our Social Media Management Wollongong expert.

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Social Media Examples

Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing
Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

What other Packages do you offer?

We offer flexible packages to suit your social media marketing needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help your business.

Can I customize my package?

YES. You can customize yuor social media package. You may select which platform you'd like to use or how many posts you like to publish per month. Contact our experts today to get free quote!

What other social media marketing services you offer in Wollongong?

Here's a full list of Konnect Marketing digital marketing services. To know more about what Konnect Marketing can do to your business, contact us through our chat widget or go to our contact page.

Do I need to sign a contract?

There is no lock-in contract for our social media management service. However, we do encourage our clients to get our service for short-term or long-term in order to see massive results.

Can I upgrade anytime?

YES. You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. Contact your account manager should you want to do any of those stated above. 

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