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Social Media Marketing

Tom CaraccioSeptember 29, 2021
konnect marketing blog on what is social media marketing
In today’s social media-driven world, social media marketing is a must. Social networking has been around for almost two decades and has changed the way we connect with one another, promote our work and brands, and even find new job opportunities. Let's take a look at what social marketing is all about and what the future of social media marketing might hold for your business.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of social interaction with the social media public, usually in order to increase social networking followers or likes. Social media marketing can be implemented in many different forms and tools, including social networks, social media management systems, blogs, email, social bookmarking sites and social news sites.

Social media marketing has taken digital marketing by storm. The main goal of social media marketing is to connect with your audience or customer base in order to promote your product or service. It's all about having fun! And let's face it, social media has been a lot of fun for social media marketers worldwide. Even social media marketing beginners get it!

Social Media Marketing in 2022

ecommerce worldwide report
Social media marketing is a rapidly-growing industry, with nearly half of all internet users logging into their favorite social platforms at least monthly. For those who use these sites as an integral part in everyday life and work - or just for entertainment purposes on weekends -- it's not hard to see why companies would want some say over what goes down there! In 2022 we'll be seeing more brands taking advantage by implementing free advertising strategies through this medium which have been proven successful globally (think McDonalds' famous "I'm lovin’it" campaign). To get ahead before then though you should know about one thing: Social Business...

Statista projects that worldwide revenue from digital commerce will reach $4 trillion within five years, with Australia share of revenue at $40 billion, thanks largely due social media platforms. The social market is undeniable, but social business does take a certain level of social proof to achieve its greatest success. More key social media statistics in 2022.

Why is it important?

Social media marketing is important for every business because social media can make or break a brand. If social media users don't like your social media page or social networking profile then social media marketing is a waste of resources and time. Simply put this way, your social media profile is like your pop-up store for the social media users, and getting users to visit your social media profile or page is similar as when people walks in to your physical store or office. So the important thing here is how you position your social media profile and accounts for your social media marketing and getting online users to click your page and profile. The next strategy to consider then is how you convert those visits into customers using conversion rate optimisation.

How To Do Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social media marketing can be a tricky business. You need to know how social networks work in order for your strategies and campaigns on these platforms will have any chance of success, but that's not all! In addition you also want an engaging tone if possible because then users are much more likely engage with what it has going for them or offer up information about themselves without feeling too pressured into buying something immediately- which goes along way towards increasing brand loyalty significantly as well!.

In order to get ahead in the social media game, you need a strategy. Make sure that your plan includes not one but two different types of accounts: one for networking (social) and another specifically designed with an intention on increasing business efficiency through increased customer engagement rates via Facebook posts or Twitter tweets!

Social media marketing is more than just posting on Facebook and Twitter. It's all about knowing what people want, when they're looking for it - which means you have to use your social networking channels effectively!

  1. Create a list of social media channels to use that are geared towards both businesses AND individuals.
  2. Identify channels where business owners can post information about their company.
  3. Identify channels that gives consumers direct access to product reviews from third parties who've used them before as well as coupons/discounts etc.,
  4. Define the type of audiences for each social media channels.
  5. Define the type of media to use for each channel.
  6. Categorise your content and identify which to use for which channel.
    • News and Updates
    • Product / Service
    • Promotions
    • Customer Experience
    • FAQs
    • Business Information
  7. Optimise your content for SEO

Examples of Social Media Marketing Strategies

twitter post
On Twitter, for example, companies have created a tweet which has a link to either a website page promoting their work or they might tweet about a new blog post they have written on a specific topic. As this tweet is reply to all of their Twitter followers, it seems like social media is a free marketing tool. This works because social media users are constantly growing in number and social media marketers know that they need to connect with all social media users.

Social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Digg went went viral because they put social media marketing on steroids. These social bookmarking can drive thousands of visitors to social media marketers' websites in just days. Social media users love social bookmarking sites because they are social and the content is entertaining, short and easy to digest.

Social news sites like Reddit allow social media marketers to spread information about their brand. The social media marketers can share interesting articles or videos related to their brand by submitting them on social news sites.
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On LinkedIn, business and companies create their profile, post blogs or articles on the site, answer questions or join groups where they can engage with other professionals or social media users. LinkedIn is a business social network that brings together people from various companies and industries.
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Does Social Media Marketing really work?

Social media marketing is a social business that connects social people from social networks such as Facebook or Google. One of the main points in social media marketing is how to create a social media profile for this type of social business. Social media marketers have several ways of connecting with an audience and these include:

- Posting blogs and articles on LinkedIn or Google My Business

- Sharing interesting stories and videos on Instagram or Youtube

- Using social bookmarking sites like Pinterest or Twitter to drive social traffic
The effectiveness of social media marketing for your business will depend on how effectively you do social media marketing, the quality of your products/services, how many followers you have, and how often you post updates. Social media marketing is social, so if you have social followers who are interested in your brand or products/services, social media can be very powerful for your business.

What are 6 types of Social Media Marketing

1. Social Networks

A social network is a social media platform where social media marketers can connect and communicate socially with followers. A social network creates connections between people and customers by way of social media. Social networking is the act of socialising over social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and it is best for social business because social users have the power to influence the online market to promote your business.

2. Social News

One social networking site that social media marketers can use to spread information about their brand is social news websites. Social news websites are social networks where social media users can submit links to either an article or video on the site. Social media news is a way to get the latest happenings in social circles. This type of information has been around for quite some time, but it's only recently that marketers have started paying attention and using this platform as their main source when looking out into what people want or need - especially since there are so many ways you can interact with your audiences.

3. Community Sites

The idea of creating communities is not a new one. Website services like forums and message boards have been around for years now, but other social media sites also provide the opportunity to build your own forum or group on social media platforms such as Facebook groups where you can share content about your product that others might find useful in their everyday lives - whether it's a helpful article about how-to fix common household problems with just some duct tape (that actually worked!) or an inspiring photo essay chronicling your customer's life journey from getting your product or services. One important thing in creating communities for your business is that it will create a platform or venue for your customers where they can seek immediate support for your service or product from different customers as well.

4. Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking Websites (also called social bookmarking) allow users to save and share links with others. This is a good solution for storing important information from websites users like, including articles in case they are not available when they need them! Users can also tag their bookmarks so that future searchers know exactly what topic it pertains too - perfect if there was an article about something completely different but related at hand which would make one's research more relevant than ever before!.

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit allow social media marketers to share articles and videos related to their brand to a broader audience. Businesses can post a link to a video or article they wrote on social bookmarking sites and users can use that link to share to their friends and their social media profiles as well.

5. Media Sharing

Media sharing sites are a great way to share your photos and videos with others. This is a great way to showcase your products, services, business, client experiences to your audiences across several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and even Google.

6. Social Review Sites

Social review sites are websites or social media platforms where your clients or customers can post a review to your social business profile. If you own a business, you have to pay attention to review sites. If people are saying good things about your business or products on Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google My Business, they'll be more likely to purchase from you! Most consumers, whenever they want to buy a new product, the first place they look is review sites. They're great for finding out what others think about a product or service. Business can also use this social tool to show proof of their product or service to support consumer's buying process.

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