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15+ Years Experience. 
A Digital Marketing Agency in Australia.

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Essentially you need more… 
You have a great product and offer a great service but the phone’s just not ringing. Prospects aren’t walking through the door and when they do, they don’t buy. 

Meanwhile your competitors are growing while you feel you're stagnating. This is what business owners tell us everyday and frankly it doesn’t have to be this way.

You need a new approach to your marketing and your selling. Check out our full package and learn more about digital marketing.

The Konnect Marketing Approach

Our approach to generate attention to your business, earn customer loyalty, and provide the value of your marketing investment. 








Who We Work With

At Konnect Marketing we work primarily with small and mid-size companies looking to leverage modern digital marketing strategies to grow their business.

Professionals & Services
Local To Large Business
Health Professionals & Doctors
Startups & Entrepreneurs
Professional Services is one our specialties. We have lead generation systems for finance , real estate, legal, and so much more. We understand how important new clients are to your business so we have developed systems that find and retain clients. We focus on quality data so you can maximise productivity.
Businesses that have been around awhile often need a fresh set of expert eyes to refocus their offerings and stay competitive in a volatile economy. Our agency has extensive expertise in rebranding established companies, performing gap analyses, launching new products/services and establishing a position of thought leadership.
We have been working with health professionals for many years and have achieved amazing results, we have literally added millions to companies bottom line with new patient acquisition campaigns and patient maximisation strategies. All of our creative marketing is compliant to AHPRA’s regulations.
It’s in the nature of many entrepreneurs to try to do everything by themselves. Our recommendation: A smart division of labor. Konnect Marketing knows how to make every precious penny in your marketing budget work smarter and harder. You do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best – Which is put well-funded startup companies on the map.
  • Tom and the team at Konnect have totally revolutionised the way we think about marketing in our business. Their systems and processes have driven amazing results from day one, adding significant value to our bottom line. We strongly recommend them as experts in their field!
    Digital marketing review from mortgage broker
  • Tom is an expert when it comes to social media advertising. He delivered more new clients than we could handle to our chiropractic practice, and was able to tweak the ads to deliver time and time again. Our return on investment has been tenfold. Very knowledgeable, professional and easy to deal with.
    Digital marketing review from chiropractor
  • Konnect Marketing has shown us how to connect to our customers and grow our market share in a very competitive market. Retail these days is online.
    Digital marketing services review
  • For the last 14 months, we have routinely turned $1,000 in advertising spend every month into $8,000 to $11,000 in new sales revenue.
    Digital marketing reviews
    DirectorPodiatry UK
  • Real Estate these days is an online process and we have been able to engage our market via this medium with a great approach to generating leads and then nurturing those leads to they are ready to sell.
    Digital marketing review from real estate broker
  • Absolutely amazing marketing professionals and the results they got for my business definitely exceeded my expectations! I went from almost zero bookings to fully booked with in a few weeks of our marketing campaign kicking off!
    Digital marketing review from healthcare professionals
  • Tom and the Konnect Marketing team have done everything they said they would. They have help me grow my businesscost effectively and have taken my stress away with marketing by providing expertise and great results that gives me confidence for the future of my business.
    Digital marketing review from healthcare professionals
  • Tom is very professional and always willing to help. The leads are good value for business and the support is outstanding! Thank you.
    Digital marketing review from mortgage brokers
    Mortgage BrokerSphere Loans
  • Konnect have been great, delivered as promised and when facebook moved the goalposts they came to the party and got things working again :) great job
    Digital marketing review from mortgage brokers
    DirectorEmanate Finance
digital marketing services for mortgage brokersdigital marketing servicesdigital marketing services for mortgage lenders

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Here’s how It works. First we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors, analyse your target market, your sales processes and your goals with you. Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll develop a custom digital marketing plan specifically for you …free.

We could easily charge $1,000 for this, but serious Business Owners get this FREE. We will take you under the hood of our digital marketing strategies and show you how we will find you scalable profits in your business.

(Strategy Calls are usually 30 minutes)
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