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Run a Successful Marketing Campaign with Insta Ads

People on instagram spend a lot of time on the app, over 40 minutes per day. This means that the average user spends more time per day on instagram than any other platforms.

This will allow you to expand your reach and expand your client base without paying higher fees elsewhere. Ads on instagram have an added impact on both users and business owners. Instagram Ads are delivered in a form of video content where it is much easier to engage with brands and businesses.

Still not convinced? Here are some facts on Instagram Advertising:

  • At least 1 Billion people use Instagram every month
  • 40 minutes per day is the average time a user spends on Instagram
  • 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services
  • 50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service

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Reach Your Target Audience with an Instagram Advertising Agency

Our instagram advertising agency is focused with one goal - to generate revenue for your business through instagram marketing.

Over the past 15+ years of marketing, our team at Konnect Marketing has mastered social media advertising on all platforms, and had success using Instagram ads for businesses in Australia and other parts of the world.

Whether you need an instant boost in followers, want user engagement, drive traffic to your site, or generate sales, we will execute a bespoke campaign plan designed just for you! Our marketing strategies are tailored to fit the audience profile on Instagram.

Partner with the best to get real results

Unlock your business opportunities with Australia’s best instagram advertising agency on your side.

We create specific marketing campaigns that generate results. Every element of your Instagram ad campaign is designed to turn casual viewers into engaged buyers, and we can help you tap into its incredible advertising potential by pinpointing the target audience at times or locations for specific content delivered for maximum results.

Meanwhile, we have experts at every level of digital marketing that can provide you expertise for whatever problem or challenge that comes up - be it content strategy development, social media management strategies, SEO practices, CRO and much more.
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Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect MarketingDigital Marketing Services in Australia by Konnect Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

How to advertise on instagram for my business?

If you want to advertise on Instagram, you need to create an account and select a story type. With this setup, your followers will see the ads as they swipe through their feed and on gallery posts.

Here’s a few steps to boost a post on Instagram

  1. Select a post to boost
  2. Select your goal for the ad
  3. Define your audience
  4. Set a budget and duration.

If you want to try Instagram advertising out yourself, make sure to target your ads effectively with their targeting options. You can choose from countries (recommended), location (by city or zipcode), age groups, genders, languages, and interests (which include hashtags).

What is the best instagram strategy?

The best strategy for instagram ads is to use a mix of both branded and non-branded content. The goal is to show that you're not trying to sell your products, but also that you're excited about them and want people to see them. This will make people interested in what you're doing because they'll be able to relate more to the brand. 

How much instagram ads cost?

If you're looking to advertise on Instagram, it will cost you around $1.60 per 1,000 impressions, depending on location and how big is your business. That means that you can start running ads as little as $5 and you can reach thousands of your audience.

But you should think about the ROI of your Instagram ad campaign. Your instagram ads are 2x more likely to get clicks than in any other platform, so it is important that you run a successful campaign on Instagram ads and that they deliver high returns for this investment! 

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Should I hire an instagram advertising agency?

Advertising on instagram is about getting customers and making them want to buy your products. You can't just post photos of your products and then advertise, because that will seem like you're only trying to sell your products and not be open with what you're doing.

Our instagram advertising agency will make it much easier when it comes to campaigns for businesses who need an expert in this area. It's also much easier when you have someone working for you because they do it full-time, so there's always someone who's an expert who can answer any questions that might come up with the campaign.

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