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Will ChatGPT Revolutionise Google?

Allthia SimMarch 10, 2023
Will ChatGPT Revolutionise Google?

Digital marketers have recently been talking about ChatGPT as a revolutionary new marketing tool. Each one gave a different opinion about the pros and cons of this new tool, but most marketers are worried for some reason. 

Most of them are anxious that ChatGPT will revolutionise Google Search, and some are thinking about how they will fight Google’s new algorithm when it comes to using ChatGPT.

Would ChatGPT Change How Google Works?

AI chatbots have the potential to completely change how we search for information online. They can assist us in swiftly finding what we're seeking in a world where data is growing more complex and diverse.

As rumours about ChatGPT possibly replacing Google Search grow, Tristan Greene cuts through the hype, asserting that ChatGPT cannot currently recreate Google's search functionality - "Saying ChatGPT will replace search is like saying podcasts would replace universities." They are clearly two different things. (source: undark)

The creative uses for ChatGPT have been endless since its debut. It's like watching a tech utopia unfold before our very eyes! People have used ChatGPT to chat about any topic under the sun, write code, and even craft Dungeon & Dragons games - all in a matter of moments. 

In Silicon Valley, some are so daringly bold as to predict that, in time, ChatGPT bots will replace traditional online search queries. What seemed like a sci-fi dream at one point is now becoming reality - and we're all reaping the benefits! 

A recent New York Times report claims that Google has activated "code red" due to concerns that ChatGPT could pose a serious threat to its $149 billion per year search business.

Final Word

If you think about it, ChatGPT has the knowledge to give you a text in a conversational manner, but the search engine cannot. It only responds to your prompt and gives you the information you need even though sometimes it doesn’t directly answer your question. This clearly shows that the two are both different in many aspects.

So, even though ChatGPT is a natural language processing model developed by Microsoft, marketers should not be anxious since it cannot replace popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!

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