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Where do mortgage brokers get their leads? Unveiling the top secret tactics that really work

Tom CaraccioNovember 16, 2023
Where do mortgage brokers get their leads? Unveiling the top secret tactics that really work

Have you ever wondered how successful mortgage brokers seem to have a steady stream of clients? The secret lies in their lead generation strategies. As a mortgage broker, getting high-quality leads is the lifeblood of your business and can be the difference between just scraping by or thriving.

The world of lead generation can often feel like an impenetrable maze, especially when it comes to the mortgage industry. With so many potential sources - from referrals to online marketing - it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not! This article will demystify this complex topic and provide practical tactics that really work.

So, where do these mortgage brokers get their leads? Before we delve into the top-secret tactics used by successful brokers, let's first understand what exactly a Mortgage Lead is. This knowledge will form a solid foundation for our subsequent discussions on lead generation strategies.

What is a Mortgage Lead?

What is a Mortgage Lead?

mortgage lead is a potential customer for mortgage brokers and lenders. It's an individual or entity that has expressed interest in obtaining a mortgage loan, typically by submitting their information through an online form or contacting a broker directly. The significance of these leads to the business operations of mortgage brokers cannot be overstated.

In the competitive world of real estate financing, every lead represents an opportunity for revenue generation. A single lead can translate into thousands of dollars in commission if it converts into a sale. Therefore, the acquisition and management of mortgage leads are fundamental aspects of running a successful brokerage.

Types of Mortgage Leads

There are several types of mortgage leads that brokers can target based on their specific business goals and client demographics:

  • First-time home buyer leads: Individuals who have never purchased property before and are likely to need guidance navigating the complex process.
  • Moving house leads: These individuals already have experience with mortgages but may be seeking better terms or rates for their new property purchase.
  • Remortgage leads: Homeowners looking to refinance their current loans due to various reasons like lower interest rates or changing financial circumstances.
  • Listing leads: People who have put up their properties for sale and might need assistance securing a new mortgage once they sell off their current one.
  • Referral marketing leads: These come from satisfied customers who refer others to your service, demonstrating trust in your expertise and quality service delivery.

How Do Mortgage Brokers Generate Leads?

How Do Mortgage Brokers Generate Leads?

Mortgage brokers generate leads through various methods such as networking within local communities, leveraging online platforms like social media sites, blogs, forums etc., using advanced digital marketing techniques like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising source.

Buying Mortgage Leads

Buying mortgage leads involves purchasing lists of potential clients from lead generation companies. While this method can provide immediate access to a large number of potential leads, it's important for brokers to carefully evaluate the quality of the leads before making a purchase.

Online Advertising Campaigns

Online advertising campaigns can be run on various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc. Each platform has its own set of features and targeting options that allow brokers to reach out to their ideal audience.

the online lead generation playbook

The Online Lead Generation Playbook

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The Role of Websites and Landing Pages in Lead Generation

The Role of Websites and Landing Pages in Lead Generation

In the digital marketing landscape, websites and landing pages play a pivotal role in lead generation. They act as the virtual storefront for your business, providing potential customers with their first impression of your brand source.

Effective Website Design for Lead Capture

A user-friendly design coupled with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) can significantly enhance the lead capturing capability of your website.

Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

High-converting landing pages are crucial components of successful lead generation strategies. These pages should contain key elements such as compelling headlines, engaging copy that highlights the benefits of your offerings, persuasive testimonials from satisfied customers and strong CTAs urging visitors to take action source.

Key ElementsDescription
Compelling HeadlinesA catchy title that grabs attention and encourages users to read further.
Engaging CopyInformative content that highlights the benefits or value proposition offered by your service.
Persuasive TestimonialsGenuine reviews or feedback from satisfied customers that build trust and credibility.
Strong CTAsClear and compelling calls-to-action that guide users towards taking desired actions like subscribing or requesting more information.

Utilising Social Media Platforms For Lead Generation

Utilizing Social Media Platforms For Lead Generation

Social media platforms offer an unprecedented level of access to potential clients, making it easier than ever for brokers to connect with those who may be interested in their services source.

Building Relationships with Real Estate Agents & Businesses

Building strong relationships with real estate agents and businesses can provide a steady stream of referrals.

Content Marketing as a Lead Generation Strategy

Content Marketing as a Lead Generation Strategy

Content marketing is an indispensable tool for lead generation. It's a strategy that involves creating and sharing valuable content to attract potential leads - people who could eventually become your customers source.

Networking with Other Businesses for Leads

Networking isn't just about exchanging business cards at industry events. It's about building genuine relationships that can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships.

How CRM Systems Aid in Lead Generation

How CRM Systems Aid in Lead Generation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems serve as a centralized hub for all customer data, allowing businesses to track interactions, manage relationships and identify potential leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Where do mortgage brokers get their leads

How do mortgage brokers find new clients?

Mortgage brokers find new clients through a variety of lead generation methods. Some of the most common ways brokers get leads include referrals from past clients, real estate agents, direct mail, digital and social media marketing, and lead generation websites.

Do mortgage brokers pay for leads?

Yes, most mortgage brokers pay for at least some of their leads. Pay-per-lead websites that connect potential home buyers with brokers are very popular. Brokers can choose to pay for exclusive access to leads in their local area or target specific demographics. Paid online and offline advertising also generates leads that brokers compensate for.

Do real estate agents provide leads to mortgage brokers?

Yes, real estate agents are a major source of leads for many mortgage brokers. Agents refer buyer clients who need financing to brokers they have worked with successfully in the past. The broker then locks in the referral by getting the buyer under contract. Agents and brokers often have referral agreements where either party receives compensation for leads that turn into closed loans.

Can mortgage brokers use the internet to get leads?

Absolutely, the internet is a huge source of leads for brokers. They can generate leads online through company websites, paid search advertising, social media, and participating in lead generation marketplaces. Geotargeted digital ads are an effective way for brokers to reach homeowners and buyers searching for financing within a specific local area.

Do past clients provide referrals to mortgage brokers?

Yes, getting referrals from satisfied past clients is a primary way brokers continue to grow their business over time. Brokers ask clients, especially those who had a smooth financing experience, if they can use their name as a referral. Good client service and keeping in regular contact helps ensure those clients will refer family and friends to the broker in the future.

How do mortgage brokers use direct mail for leads?

Brokers can purchase direct mail lists of homeowners and send mailers, postcards, and flyers promoting their services. Lists may be filtered by location, income level, home value, or time since last refinance. Brochures left door to door can also generate leads. Response rates are low but direct mail coverage is a visible way to reach many potential clients at once.

Do mortgage brokers attend real estate open houses for leads?

Yes, some brokers will attend open houses held by real estate agents in their area. This is a way to introduce themselves to potential home buyers and hand out business cards. If the buyer ends up making an offer, the broker can then follow up and try to secure the financing portion of the sale. It's a lead generation strategy but response rates may not be high.

Do mortgage brokers buy leads from realtors?

Often yes - realtors are happy to sell extra buyer leads to mortgage brokers who can lock in the referral by getting those buyers under financing contract. Realtors generate a lot of buyer prospects that may not all convert to sales. Selling viable leads is a way for agents to make extra income from this prospecting activity. Brokers pay per lead but it's a direct connection to home financing shoppers.

How do mortgage brokers use social media for leads?

Brokers can create Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube business pages to share educational content and promote services to their target audiences. Geotargeted Facebook ads allow them to show ads only to people within a certain radius. They can also join local online groups and forums to become visible experts. Responding to comments and questions generates top-of-mind awareness and potential new leads.

Do past applicants who didn't get approved become leads for brokers?

Yes, sometimes previous loan applicants who were denied can become new leads. Brokers will often follow up with past denied applicants when enough time has passed and their financial situation may have improved. A second look could result in an approval where before there were issues. Staying in touch helps keep the broker's name in mind for when borrowers are ready to try for financing again.

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