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How to utilise Instagram algorithm in 2023

Allthia SimMarch 29, 2023
How to utilise Instagram algorithm in 2023

2023 has been a year of change in the world of Instagram algorithms. Even though the algorithm is always evolving but this time around, their changes have been more drastic than ever before. It seems Instagram is constantly looking for ways to make sure its platform remains fresh and engaging for all users, no matter what type of content they post or how often they post. 

With the introduction of AI and machine learning, Instagram has created a system that can not only recognise the content users post but also learn from it in order to provide even more tailored experiences. And while this may seem intimidating, understanding how it works will help you make sure your posts are seen by as many people as possible! So without further ado, let's take a closer look at the Instagram algorithm in 2023 and see what we can learn from it. 

What is the Instagram algorithm?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no single algorithm dictating what people do and don't see on Instagram. Instead, a number of factors - such as the time of day you post, the type of content you post and the relationships between accounts - are all taken into account to determine who sees your posts. 

In fact, Instagram describes it as a “variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose” They also added that they want to make the most of the user's time, that’s why they believe that using technology to personalise user’s experience is the best way to do that.

In other words, Instagram’s algorithm is constantly working hard behind the scenes to ensure you see the most relevant content for you — making it easier than ever to find posts that genuinely interest you and make you stake longer on the platform.

How are posts and stories ranked on Instagram?

If you've ever found yourself continuously scrolling through your Instagram Feed or Stories, you might not be surprised to learn that the information you see is largely curated since the site spends a lot of time selecting which posts appear in users' feeds. For instance, Instagram prioritise content from accounts you follow, then shows you content from accounts it thinks you'll find interesting. 

The platform promotes the content you will see in your feed and stories based on these significant signals:

  • Information about the post. The most important details were when a post was posted, how long it was posted, and where it was attached.
  • Information about the person who posted. This includes signals like how frequently individuals have communicated with that person over the past several weeks.
  • Your activity. This includes indicators of how many posts you've liked.
  • Your history of interacting with someone. This is your level of interest in reading posts from a certain person. For example, leaving comments or not on each post you see

Once the Instagram algorithm considers these signals, it will be their baseline to set predictions and make sure you stay engaged with the posts that matter most.

How reels are ranked on Instagram

Instagram Reels is a feature that lets users create and share videos with sound. This feature's goal is entertainment, which gives users a chance to express their creativity and selves through short video clips. On the Explore page, you can find multiple accounts sharing content from all around the world and y ou can watch these short, funny videos and even make your own to post on the Explore page or with your followers.

Instagram makes predictions based on your desire to continue viewing the reel, like it, save it, and even comment. The following are the most significant indicators used to rank Instagram Reels:

  • Your activity. The reels you’ve liked, left a comment on, and engaged with recently. 
  • Your history of interacting with the person who posted. Videos from someone you don’t know, but may have interacted with them.
  • Information about the reel. These are the video's audio tracks and popularity.
  • Information about the person who posted. Reels offer a unique opportunity for new creators to break through and make their mark. The algorithm actively looks for new accounts with engaging content and gives them a boost in the feed. This helps to ensure that fresh, interesting content from small creators is supported and given equal visibility alongside bigger creators.

How the Algorithm of the Instagram Explore page Works

The Explore page allows you to discover and engage with content from outside your regular circle of followers. Here, you'll find posts from all over the world - some of which you have come across before, and some that may surprise you! 

To determine which posts to rank and show on your explore page, Instagram will take into account the posts you’ve liked, saved and commented on. Once they find what will interest you, they will order the photos or videos according to how interested you are in each one. Here are the important signals the Instagram algorithm uses:

  • Information about the post. Here, the popularity of the posts is considered which is based on the like, comment, share, and save. 
  • Your history of interacting with the person who posted. Even though you haven't heard of the person who shared your post, but has engaged with them, it gives Instagram an idea of your potential interest in what they shared.
  • Your activity. These include indicators such as the posts you've liked, saved, or commented on, as well as your previous interactions with articles in Explore.
  • Information about the person who posted. Instagram also look at how frequently people have interacted with that person in the most recent few weeks.

How to make the Instagram algorithm in 2023 work for you

To make sure your content stands out in 2023, you need to keep up with the latest updates to Instagram's algorithm. These are a few tips that may help you get ahead of the curve:

  1. Content must be relevant and engaging. When users interact with your content, they are more likely to show up in their followers' news feeds. Watching articles, participating in comments, and clicking links can all help broaden your social media audience and boost your visibility.
  2. Use hashtags. Hashtags are vital for increasing reach and engagement, so use hashtags strategically by researching the ones that work best for your industry.
  3. Focus on quality, not quantity. You should be careful how often you post because doing it frequently may irritate or even turn away your followers. Instead, focus on creating excellent content that engages your audience in important ways.
  4. Use stories. Try varying the types of content you provide to keep your audience interested and entice them to come back for more (such as polls and quizzes).
  5. Take advantage of Instagram features. Instagram Live, Stories, IGTV and Reels are powerful features designed to help your content a wider audience and create engaging content. 
  6. Upload reels regularly. Include reels in your content mix because they promote engagement with your followers and help you reach a wider audience.
  7. Analyse performance. Monitor your postings to see which ones are most successful, and concentrate on producing content that appeals to your audience because doing this will make the most of your Instagram algorithm in 2023.


Being familiar with how the Instagram algorithm work is important for any business owner or creator wanting to grow their presence on this social media platform. That’s why understanding the algorithms can help you reach a wider audience and become more successful. So take some time to familiarise yourself with the algorithm and get ahead of the game! 


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